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Fara & Wan – The Wedding, Jasin, Melaka

April 5, 2009

Alhamdulillah …. As the most awaited event for me, the wedding of Fara & Wan which had been successfully held in Jasin, Melaka for 2 days had over.

It was a wonderful event whereby on the 3rd, the ‘akad nikah’ done somewhere after Asar and ‘majlis berinai’ took placed right after Maghrib. Congrats to Wan as he managed to ‘lafaz’ clearly with just a single ‘lafaz’.

While yesterday (4th), the wedding (kenduri) was held with Fara session of photography started as early as 9.00am. She rented 5 costumes consisted of ‘Baju Jepun’, ‘Baju Korea’, ‘Baju India’, ‘Baju Balqis’ and ‘Baju Lace’.

And as for me, i will be occupied with Fara & Wan photo finishing processes  in these few days. Below are some photographs that I had already processed. Hundreds more to go. 😀

I hope all visitors & friends will enjoy the photos as much I enjoyed photographed and processed ’em.

Thank you Fara & Wan.

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